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Smash Bros. Melee [Gamecube]

Smash Bros. Melee [Gamecube]

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Melee GameCube Like its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee differs from traditional fighting games as the objective is to force their opponents beyond the boundaries of the stage.[ 1] Most attacks inflict damage and can, if enough damage is dealt, knock back the enemy. Each character s health is measured by a meter that represents damage as a percentage.[ 2] The higher the percentage value, the farther the player gets knocked back, and the easier they are to knock off the stage, which will result in the character s death and the loss of a stock, or life.[ 3] Unlike other games of the same genre, in which moves are entered by button-input combinations, most moves in Super Smash Bros. Melee can be accessed via one-button presses and a joystick direction.[ 4] For example, by tilting the joystick to the side and pressing the Bbutton, the charter will use their side specialattack. Tilting the joystick up, down, or not tilting it at all while pressing B will use the up, down, or neutral special, respectively. The assessment of the case, disc and instruction manuals have all been inspected to the best of our ability, however each item is unique and may differ.

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