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Smoke Black Tinted Full Face Respirator Gas Mask With Organic Vapor And Particulate Filtration

Smoke Black Tinted Full Face Respirator Gas Mask With Organic Vapor And Particulate Filtration

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The elite ST-100X Full Face Respirator Gas Mask is the ideal choice for compact, lightweight storage and heavy-duty protection against environmental hazards. Designed to withstand brute force impacts and toxic environments, the ST-100X mask, and 40mm filter set will provide you the safety and protection you need to navigate unpredictable, dangerous conditions. The ST-100X s sturdy construction starts with its heavy-duty face shied, made from strong silicate glass. For all full-face respirators, utilizes dual-convex face shield designs vs. flat designs for enhanced user field of view and comfort. This design also enables a wider field of view, augmenting the user s visibility and spatial awareness which are crucial during perilous situations. The ST-100X s superior breathability originates from the dual intake valves which support increased cardiovascular effort instead of inhibiting breathing. The intelligent ventilation structure creates cooling airflow, helping the user stay collected and focused during high-intensity situations. The ST-100X s cartridge interface is threaded for industry-standard 40mm cartridges. This set includes the P-D-1 40mm carbon-activated filter which is housed in heavy-duty plastic for long-term durability. The P-D-1 filter is independently tested to protect against respiratory hazards like non-oil-based particulates and organic vapors. The 5 point harness was manufactured for both comfort and convenience. Designed for a universal fit, the harness stretches cleanly over the head without snagging or pulling and secures quickly and properly through the 5 pull tabs. The straps are made from dense, sturdy elasticized rubber and retain their shape even in the hottest environments. The face seal is fashioned from natural rubber, which feels soft to touch but maintains a strong, airtight fit around the face. Created for long-term use and to withstand harsh environments, it will not wear, lose its shape, or retain odor.

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