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Socket Set 3/4-Inch Drive 16-Piece Cmmt12036

Socket Set 3/4-Inch Drive 16-Piece Cmmt12036

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Every DIYer or tradesman needs a reliable set of sockets for driving nuts and bolts. The set comes with a 72-tooth ratchet so youre all set to complete your projects. This broad assortment of sockets can be used for almost any household project or professional job. Whether youre repairing a car, installing steel trusses, or doing DIY repairs, youll find the right size socket for every task in this set. These standard sockets will work well with any 3/4-in ratchet, extension, torque wrench, or breaker bar. Each piece is made with a corrosion-resistant coating for long life and visible size markings for ease of use. The 12 points in each socket means youll get more torque and less spin without stripping the bolts head.

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