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Solarcycle Task Light Cd05

Solarcycle Task Light Cd05

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Automatically simulates properties of natural daylight. Designed to help reduce eye strain. Intelligently tracks local daylight. Automatically adjusts brightness and color temperature so you get the right light for the right time of day, anywhere in your home. Designed to improve visibility1 and help reduce eyestrain. Powerful, high-quality light with glare control and low optical flicker. 2 Personalize your light for your time of day, age, and task with the My app. 3 Heat Pipe technology efficiently cools the LEDs, giving you light quality that lasts 60 years. ? 3 Axis Glide motion puts powerful light precisely where you need it. A gentle touch of the arm precisely positions your light - vertically, horizontally, and through 360°. With Wake-up mode, schedule your light to brighten gradually for a more natural wake-up environment. With Away mode activated, your light will turn on and off at random intervals between 4pm and 11pm. You can use this while you re away from home to imitate human presence. Slide-touch dimming and color temperature controls let you define your personal light preferences. Motion sensor switches light on when you re near, and off when you re away for 5 minutes to conserve energy.

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