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Solutions Talkabout T210 Two-Way Radio 2 Pack Red/Black

Solutions Talkabout T210 Two-Way Radio 2 Pack Red/Black

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Keep in contact with your camping, biking, hiking or road trip crew using TalkAbout 2-Way Radios. Hands-free functionality makes it easy to multitask, while the dual-power design helps ensure you can stay up and running throughout your adventures. Features 22 channels. Compatible with most FRS radios (FRS 462 to 467 MHz in UHF band, license free) and GMRS radios. 121 privacy codes enable clear communication. Backlit LCD is easy to read in dim locations. Scan/monitor functionality makes it easy to check other channels for activity. Automatic squelching helps remove static and interference. iVOX/VOX and a 3.5-mm headphone jack let you chat hands free. Easy pairing button makes connecting group calls simple. Connects from up to 20 miles (mountain to valley), 5 miles (open water) and 1 mile (neighborhood) away. Keypad lock helps prevent accidental use. 20 call tones, keypad tones and a talk confirmation tone/Roger beep streamline operation. Battery level indicator lets you know when it s time to recharge. Also accepts 3 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately). 800 mAH NiMH battery lasts up to 18 hours on a single charge. Battery life will vary depending on the product configuration, product model, applications loaded on the product, power management setting of the product, and the product features used by the customer. As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of this battery will decrease with time and usage. Includes 2 radios, 2 belt clips, 2 rechargeable batteries, a dual USB charger, 16 personalization stickers and an instruction manual.

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