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Sono Pedal Bin Wastepaper Basket Moonbeam (Beige)

Sono Pedal Bin Wastepaper Basket Moonbeam (Beige)

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Sono 1.3-gallon step on a trash can is always there when you need it and turns a thing of necessity into a thing of design. The Sono pedal bins have beautifully rounded edges and are soft to the touch. The recessed lid opens using the pedal and has a soft-close function preventing the lid from unpleasant slamming. The bin contains a removable plastic bucket that is easy to clean. The pedal bin is just one element of the popular bath line which features gentle shapes, perfectly rounded edges, and a soft surface with an exquisite silk matte finish. The new range includes a soap dispenser, tumbler, tray, storage box, shower squeegee, vanity mirror, pedal bin wastebasket, and toilet brush in a variety of colors including magnet (charcoal), satellite (taupe), moonbeam (cream), microchip (light gray), tarmac (olive), and Ashley blue. The Sono bathroom collection is exceedingly functional, but at the same time reflects the brand s aesthetic vision creating a calming and harmonious setting for the everyday bath routine.

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