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Spe-6000 6-1/2" 6.5in Type-E Coaxial 2-Way Car Speakers

Spe-6000 6-1/2" 6.5in Type-E Coaxial 2-Way Car Speakers

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SPE-6000 6.252-Way Coaxial Car Speakers The SPE-6000 6-1/2Type-E Series Coaxial 2-Way Speakers are a significant step up from your standard factory speakers yet still an affordable upgrade. The all new 2016 Type-E series speakers were designed for performance and packed with sound quality you have come to expect from . Quality over Quantity Just because you want better sound in your car doesn t mean you have to break your budget. The SPE-6000 Type-E speakers are the perfect choice when looking for an affordable option if you simply need a pair of replacement speakers or even if you want to start building an upgraded sound system. Soft Dome Tweeter Technology To output superior quality sound the SPE-6000 Type-E speakers were developed off of the design and use of soft dome tweeters rather than traditional cone-type tweeters which can be harsh and fatiguing to the ears. This design results in a more enjoyable listening experience in your car or truck when playing back your favorite music or enjoying other entertainment over your sound system. Let Me See Your Grill The SPE-6000 Speakers come pre-outfitted with a sleek and stylish yet lightweight outer mesh grill. The Type-E series speakers were meant to serve both form and function the dark solid grill is a very attractive upgrade to standard factory speaker housings and serves to protect the speakers from any physical contact or debris. Easy Installation The Type-E series speakers range in three sizes the SPE-5000 are 5-1/4 the SPE-6000 are 6-1/2 and the SPE-6090 are 6x9 all in order to to fit a wide array of vehicles. The SPE-6000 Type-E s are constructed with a reinforced glass fiber frame on the back and they come with built-in pre-drilled holes for a variety of mounting locations and orientations in many different cars or trucks.

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