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Spec Dynatrack Plus Patella Stabilizer - Neoprene, Xx-Large

Spec Dynatrack Plus Patella Stabilizer - Neoprene, Xx-Large

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The DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer now contains medial and lateral plastic hinges which enhance the braces ability to conform to the knee during flexion. With its patented buttress design, the DynaTrack Plus aids in the treatment of patellafemoral dysfunction. The buttress is lined with Skinloc material and makes direct contact with the patella. The straps connected to the buttress allow you to easily adjust the level of tension. The anterior closure design allows for ease of application and an optimum fit. A large popliteal opening permits a high degree of flexion with no discomfort. Bilateral design fits left or right knee. L1820Provide comfort: good knee support, no stiff. No itching without slipping all directions and comfortable.Pain Relief: MPHABON Knee helps to keep the joints warm and increase blood flow, helping to relieve pain. If you aren t completely satisfied, return it to us for a full refund!

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